Sunday, January 5, 2014

Homemade Hot Chocolate Sticks

Confession: once again in my frenzy to complete this project, I neglected to take pictures so please bear with me and enjoy some that inspired me, taken by "professionals":)

To create my hot chocolate sticks,

Then I proceeded to make the ganache...mmmm.

I opted to make the ganache with bar chocolate vs chips for a superior texture but supposedly the chips work fine:)

I followed this tutorial, tweaked from the King Arthur Flour Company and it was lush!

Marshmallows & ganache complete, it was time to assemble...

This pic isn't mine, but looks just like my creations:)

And since I didn't have time to snap pictures, you can imagine I didn't have time to package each hot chocolate stick I grouped mine in bags of six:)

I loved this project and wasn't stressed to the limit achieving completion either!
I made the marshmallows & ganache simultaneously once my little Ms were in bed as both recipes involved "resting overnight"- perfect!
I then assembled & packaged the morning of Christmas Eve:)

So glad I took the time to try something new and I heard they tasted great- happy Mama:)

Next up: homemade biscotti, including a gluten free version!

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