Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Minnie Mouse Printables

Confession: I have no media technology skills... DIY printables are out of the question for me & 
I'm not willing to part with the money for a professional set from Etsy...

...enter free stuff!  "F R E E E?"

I found this lovely set of printables on Pinterest, generously provided by a fellow Mom
 and had Office Max print them for me- haven't shopped for the best printing prices
 but this was SO much easier than having to print myself:)

I only printed a few of the available options...

...and then used my handy dandy paper cutter to finish!
A great professional touch to add to Livy's party that was free- fabulous!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops

Awhile back, I scored on some clearance Minnie Mouse flip flops
 for Livy and stashed them away...

...alas, there was no elastic heel strap which Livy still needs... I made my own with some plain black elastic
 and my handy dandy hot glue gun:)

TIP: For regular use, it's recommended to machine stitch the elastic.

Someone was enthralled with "Busytown" & didn't care to model:/

These now fit perfectly and Livy no longer shuffles:)
Custom is always better!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears

Back to Livy's Minnie Mouse party preparations...

...DIY Ears!

Let me start by saying this project isn't difficult; just a bit tedious.

I started by looking at this tutorial from a fellow Mom & used it as my guide.

Ideally, I was looking for black headbands to negate the need to cover each band
 but couldn't find them in packs so I settled for these multicolored packs of 6 from Dollar Tree.

We had already bought the "special" sequin ears for the birthday girl 
before I decided to delve into this project:)

I already had the black felt, red polka dot ribbon and my handy dandy hot glue gun on hand, so the first step was to make a pattern for the ears...

...I found using the headband covers, taped together, formed a great pattern- 
one less thing to make from scratch! 

Next I traced the pattern onto the black felt.  
I can also attest that sidewalk chalk will work in a pinch;)

Now it's time to cut the felt strips to cover the headbands- 
approx 2.5 times the width & add an inch to the length.

TIP: a rotary cutter works so much better than scissors for this step!

Grab some fun foam (or a cereal box!) and cut circles slightly smaller than the ears-
these will reinforce the ears & help them stand up:)

Get your glue gun ready and adhere the cardboard circles to the ears- 
I just used one circle per "ear".

Next adhere the ears together, leaving some room at the bottom to slide onto the headband before being permanently attached.

Time to cover those headbands, the most tedious part.  
I started at one end and gradually added beads of glue along the outer spine, 
pressing the felt in place to smooth the glue.

Then do the same for each side of the felt, 
overlapping and smoothing, running the glue to the end of the felt- 
clip off the ends, even with the headband, for sealed edges.

Finally slide the ears in place and add beads of glue at the base, pinching & pressing.

If you're making Mickey ears, you're done.  
Otherwise, make a bow and attach in place for Minnie:)

I made a dozen and called quits but I'm glad I made the effort...

...the birthday girl was pretty happy...

...and so was our 'Mickey'!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tea Bag Sugar Cookies

Last week, Gramma hosted a "Downton Tea & Craft Evening" 
and graciously allowed Buttercup & I to tag along:)

And here is Gramma aka "Mrs Patmore", preparing proper English delicacies...

...such as Eccles cakes & miniature Farmhouse Mincemeat cakes- lush:)

Well, I was so psyched about this grand event
 that I pleaded to add a sweet to the spread: Tea Bag Sugar cookies.

To replicate these cookies, start with your favorite roll out sugar cookie recipe.
Then cut strips, notch the tops and using a straw, punch the hole.

Allow to cool completely and then string the "tea bags"- I used baker's twine & Designer Series Paper.

 Lastly I frosted the bottoms with pink candy melts & pink sugar- so dainty:)

Coupled with lovely China cups, the cookies were perfect for this event...

...and enjoyed by some truly elegant "Ladies"!

Can't wait for the next "Downton" evening to share with my Rosebud- 
she already has a taste for proper culture:)

And if you're local, you can come too!
Here are the next dates for the "Downton" Tea & Craft events:
June 5th @ 7pm
Sept 4th @ 7pm
Dec 4th @ 7pm
Contact Gramma for details!

"The Dowager"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Topiary

Preparations for Livy's Minnie Mouse party are still in full swing...

..and I just finished 2 of these!
 This was a first time attempt for me but will definitely be doing these again:)

I started with these little galvanized buckets from IKEA...

...and some floral foam cylinders from Dollar Tree.

In order to temporarily secure the foam,
 I cut up a box and wedged pieces around the foam- free is good:)

Next I took some pie sticks (World Market clearance) & red paper shred (Dollar Tree)... finish assembly!

I also attached some polka dot ribbon to the buckets 
with my handy dandy hot glue gun- polka dot happy:)


And my Little Ms were playing so well as I crafted, making the process much more enjoyable:)

Get the full details on the Minnie Mouse heads here!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Minnie Mouse Favor Bags

I forgot to share these yesterday: Minnie Mouse Favor Bags...

...made with love to hold the pinata loot!

 I found some polka dot wrap at Dollar Tree to cover the 'skirt' portion of plain white craft bags...

...topped it with some scalloped black polka dot ribbon...


 ...& card stock circles to form Minnie's head, suspended with Dimensionals...

 ...and finished with a "Minnie" bow, made with my handy dandy glue gun:)

Simple & easy:)
And these came to approx $0.45 each!

Next up: Minnie Mouse Topiary!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Skirt

So, between our upcoming trip to Disney World & Olivia's Minnie Mouse birthday party, 
the birthday girl was ready for a special skirt to herald these occasions:)

First, I need to make clear that I didn't make this skirt from scratch-
I added the polka layer to a black tulle skirt and reattached the bow in a different place.

The original skirt was purchased at Michael's (of all places!) in their Halloween section for Livy...

...when she went trick or treating as a Ladybug:)

And since I didn't really know what I was doing, I didn't take any step-by-step pics:/
Here's a few pointers though:

1) I took some polka dot cotton (sale at JoAnn's), washed & ironed it.

2) I cut an appropriate length (plus allowances for hems) and used the width of the yardage.

3) I sewed the side shut (RST) producing a large loop, then ironed the seam.

4) I ironed the bottom hem over with RST and then sewed on the outside of the hem.

5) For the waist hem, I ironed over, same as step #4 but I sewed a basting stitch in place so I could gather, pinned and then sewed in place for keeps:)

TIP: Since I was sewing my "Minnie" skirt onto a knit waistband I used a stretch needle.

6) I had snipped the satin bow off the original skirt and then hand sewed to the bottom of the "Minnie" layer.

Done!  Now to get her "special" shirt ready...

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