Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Maternity/Nursing Dress

When I was "infanticipating" with my little Ms, I knew nothing of sewing, thus bought maternity clothes, albeit on clearance!  
This time around, I'm trying my hand at some alterations & DIY creations:)  
I bought a knit maxi dress (non maternity clearance at Ross) with plenty of stretch & the desired V neck for future nursing capacity...

...however, the neckline was way too low for me... instead of having to wear a full length tank underneath (difficult for future nursing), I chopped a square of white knit to make a nursing/modesty panel...

...and it works like a charm!  
I zigzag stitched at the top 2 corners to keep the panel in place, allowing the bottom to hang free & be maneuvered easily:)

TIP: Be sure to use a stretch needle when sewing with knits!

With the summer Texas heat beating down, I was looking for the least amount of layers needed for this combo & am thrilled with this DIY experiment!

On to the next!

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