Monday, July 22, 2013

Edible, Eatable can eat 'em!

With Mama battling morning sickness all last week, and the kids in a bit of a food rut, I was feeling desperate to try something new... we switched up lunch, just a little, by making butterfly grilled cheese sandwiches!

Grab some Tillamook cheddar, Kerrygold butter & Udi's GF bread, all from Costco to keep things yummy, nutritious & easy...

...add a butterfly sandwich cutter...

 ...and then lightly grill that sandwich, the way a certain little Miss likes it:)

 Taking a tentative bite...
Me, "Do you like your butterfly grilled cheese, Livy?"



Jonah, just up from his nap, patiently waited for his butterfly while munching on grapes:)

When everything seems to require energy that Mama is in shortage of at present, this little activity made everyone happy:)

Enjoy your butterflies,

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