Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crispy GF Potato Croquettes


I found myself left with a large quantity of mashed potatoes this week as my little Ms weren't eating them (sigh...) so I decided to make up some potato croquettes with whatever I could find in the fridge...

I started by chopping some ham steak finely and browning slightly with some red onion & garlic- I was lacking any fresh green produce and thus sad to not have a 'green' element but made due... I pulsed some Udi's GF bread in my handy dandy food processor to fine crumbs & placed in a shallow dish...

...then I combined the ham steak & onion mixture with my cold mashed potatoes, 2 eggs (beaten), raw milk bleu cheese crumbles & some salt & pepper and mixed gently...

...then scooped the croquette mixture into patties, coated them with the GF bread crumbs and placed on a greased baking sheet...

...and baked at 400 degrees for approx 30 mins until browned.

The house smelled divine as these cooked & then cooled slightly and tasted like a rich treat- not bad for a few minutes prep:)

The combinations are endless for this dish so have fun creating from what you have vs going out to buy multiple ingredients.  "Ricky" didn't mind the lack of a 'green' element in these croquettes as I paired them with a big spring mix salad:)


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