Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Kitchen Tile Back Splash- Part 2

I'm pleased to share the final stage of our DIY back splash which means it's done- with a long list of DIY projects, I'm elated at being able to check off each one!

After waiting 24 hours from when we adhered the tile sheets in place, Granddaddy started to grout, while I followed with lots of sponging:)

We chose a "bone" colored grout to help blend with the tones in the counter tops...

 ...and also gave the almond colored electrical outlets a makeover with new white covers...

 ...and touching up the switches etc... with some handy dandy white spray paint!

And yes, the walls are next on the "to do" list:)

 Glass tile sheets: $2.97 each x 21= $63
Tile Adhesive: $16
Grout (pre-mixed): $76
Tile "hatchet" spatula: free (had on hand)
Spray paint: free (had on hand)
Outlet Covers: $0.50 x 4= $2
TOTAL: $157

We had less than one sheet of tile leftover which is being saved for a future craft project and 1/2 bucket of tile adhesive that will be used for our fireplace tile makeover...coming soon.  We used the entire bucket of grout with all those little squares of glass!

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