Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Mantel Makeover

Our new home came with a much desired fireplace but no mantle:(  Initially I thought we could make a mantle (Pinterest strikes again!) but then realized it would take a lot of mitering & work so we took a look at Craigslist and found this mantle, ready for installation!

It had never been installed and the wood was in great shape, giving just the right amount of dimension to our cozy fireplace.

Remember this piece of lumber?  This became a modified French Cleat, minus the 45 degree angle...

...enabling us to anchor this mammoth to the wall safely:)

Granddaddy tirelessly applied a coat of primer and then a coat of semi gloss latex paint to our new mantle...

...revealing this beauty that looks as though it has always resided on our soon to be painted wall:)  Working on a mantle-scape now...

"Ricky" & I can't wait to hang stockings on our new mantle this Christmas!

Mantle: $50
Lumber: $2
Primer: already had on hand
Paint: courtesy of previous owner
Paintbrush: already had on hand
TOTAL: $52!!!

Great deal for another DIY success!

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