Friday, July 12, 2013

IKEA Window Treatments

MERETE Curtains, 1 pair IKEA Thick fabric helps to darken the room and reduce sound.
Here's an other treasure we snagged at IKEA: window treatments for the living room...

Granddaddy graciously hung these July 4th night & they've made such a lovely difference to our evolving haven:)

The color is listed as "brown" but it's quite olivey so it works perfectly with our furniture...

I had intended to make window treatments but these were a steal and since I have approx 14 other sewing projects in progress, I bowed to practicality & bought these!
We also bought the hardware (rod, finials, & brackets) at IKEA for the sake of simplicity...

Panels: $25.99 for 2
Rod: $2.99
Finials: $4.99 for 2
Brackets: $1.49
TOTAL: $74 for 2 windows!!!

Less than $75 to outfit 2 windows with double panels- sweet:)


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