Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Front Door Makeover

So our front door is a cinnamon, reddish brown & came with that lovely door mat...

...& brass hardware- not my style:/

It's a nice, solid door though with minimal wear so instead of investing in a new door & hardware, Granddaddy offered to give this door a makeover- music to my ears:)

Paint brush
1 qt Semi Gloss Interior Paint
Spray Paint
Painters Tape

I chose Behr "Havana Coffee" to evoke an espresso color for the wood...

Here it is drying after the 1st coat was applied...
(sorry for the horrendous lighting...couldn't be helped)

...and this handy dandy spray paint, which has transformed so many elements in our home already, was put to work on the brass hardware...

...and it now looks & feels brand new!  Love this spray paint!

 And here is our "new door"!  Looks so much better in person but the lighting is terrible in this alcove, on top of being overcast:/

Total Makeover Cost:
<$8 for half can of paint!
I had all the other supplies on hand!

And so as my little Ms slumber peacefully, I'm back to work on Livy's bedspread, pinning away & enjoying our "new door":)  Thanks to Granddaddy for another expert DIY job!

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  1. The names of the colors for your door sound delicious - cinnamon and havana coffee! Dark colors create a sense of elegance, and compared to light colors, this one's low maintenance. Job well done, Tiffany!

  2. Thanks so much, Nida- it's made a huge difference to our living space:)

  3. If only paints could smell like a real espresso and cinnamon, then, I'd be more than willing to paint the entire house. You really should thank your Granddaddy for this great makeover project!