Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY Backdoor Makeover

Our glass pane back door was a grotesque color- yellowish that looked aged and...gross!


Until it received a makeover!!!  Here's the 1st coat of white semi gloss drying on the door...

...while Granddaddy carted the tacky molding outside & sprayed with a white gloss spray paint- be sure to clean the grime off first & take this opportunity of cleaning the glass too!

The hardware was, yep, tacky brass...

...which magically became a hammered pewter like our ceiling fan...

...and remember to spray your screws too!

And here is our lovely new door for the price tag of $0 as we had the paint on hand already!!!  It had been the same color as that electrical outlet...which is next to be transformed!

Two coats of the white semi gloss paint gave ample coverage and was completed in under 2 hrs thanks to our 90 degree summer heat!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned to see our new painted walls,

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