Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Candy Lei

With Baby M's arrival quickly approaching, I've been trying to grab as many opportunities to put my feet up as possible, which often includes a little therapeutic pinning:)

One of the many holiday ideas I've recently pinned includes the 'candy lei', an ideal stocking stuffer:)

Even better candy lei idea!
photo courtesy of pinterest
So I sat down one evening after my little Ms were asleep with some Halloween candy, pipe cleaners and clear cello wrap...

 ...and in no time, I had candy leis!

I simply cut widths of clear cello wrap (approx 5 inches), spaced the candy, rolled the cello wrap and tied off with pipe cleaners- easy!

Be sure to roll down the ends of pipe cleaners so there are no sharp points 
to potentially stick little fingers:)

Clear Cello wrap: $1 (Dollar Tree)
Pipe Cleaners: free/stash (can be found at Dollar Tree)
Candy: approx $4

I was able to make 2 double strand leis and 2 single strand leis for $5- these should provide a sweet surprise on Christmas morning, nestled in certain stockings:)
Don't limit this fun project to Christmas though- would be great for any special occasion and a great opportunity to get kids involved:)
Another successful pin- thanks for stopping by,

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