Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Accessory Organizer, Take 2!

I previously made a hair accessory organizer for Livy's room and it has functioned well, adding to Livy's room decor...

...but since we were updating her bedroom decor, I opted to update her organizer too:)


First step was to strip all the old ribbon & hair clips off, once again starting from scratch with this "tweet" birdcage base...

...then I updated the ribbon with this bold stripe, complimenting Livy's new custom bedspread & custom curtains:)

Sorry for the shady pic- here it is with some of her hair clips attached.  The ribbon provides a welcome pop of color until we get her bedroom walls painted and the looped bow on top is as far as I got to completing this...Livy doesn't mind:)

I'm now working on one for Baby M's room...

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  1. This turned out so pretty! Can't believe you are managing to still make things at this stage of pregnancy with 2 little ones underfoot! Amazed by you:)

  2. Thanks- not as glamorous as it may sound though:/ Would much rather craft & create vs clean bathrooms!