Friday, August 31, 2012

So Tweet!

One of the items on my 'to do' list was to fashion a hair clip organizer/system for Olivia- it's ironic since she doesn't keep hair accessories in her hair for more than 5 minutes usually but still, I'm determined...

I started with this 'tweet' metal bird cage (flat on the back side) that I snagged at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off making it just $7- matches Livy's room decor perfectly too:)

I then wound some of my Stampin' Up! ribbon in Pink Pirouette (still available) all through the slats- I wanted a care free, 'don't play by the rules' sort of pattern to mimic Livy's crazy hair vs 3 lengths just hanging down straight.

This allowed my to graduate Livy's clips in a more interesting pattern too:)

 So, here it is, chock full!  And some of Livy's 'plain Jane' clips are hanging in the silver organza bag as I ran out of room!  I still need to add the flower centerpiece to the top and trim the ribbons tails (which of course are not even as I was refereeing munchkins while working on this!) but Livy is quite enthralled with her new addition to her room and I'm thrilled to have a now empty drawer to fill...hopefully with toys perpetually on the floor!

Since I've not been impressed with the standard gerber daisy attached to 3 plain ribbons for a hair clip organizer, I was quite chuffed with creating something totally unique for my little pixie:)  Now we just need to tackle getting that little pixie to keep her clips in her hair, short as it it:)

*NOTE- will post a final picture when it's complete:)

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