Friday, August 10, 2012

"A Painting Party?"

While chatting with friends last week, the subject of painting came up- one friend stated that she would gladly re-paint her house every day if she could while another stated that she lived with white walls as she hates to paint.

That about sums up, 'Ricky' and I...guess who loves to paint and who hates it?:)

Shortly after 'Ricky' & I got married, we did some painting in our home; the living room, guest bath and potential nursery were tackled as well as finishing out the garage (ugh). Painting our kitchen had been put on the back burner indefinitely, however, I suddenly wanted it done and as soon as possible! I'm blessed to have such an understanding and patient hubby- he agreed, sort of:) Thus, I began to tape off the kitchen & seemingly endless white walls...

...and remove electrical outlet covers. ***Don't skip this- we have in the past and regretted it.

'Ricky' was able to completely paint around the electrical sources with ease and once recovered, they look great:)

This project progressed over several days- painting with an almost 1 y/o and 'tornado' 2 y/o means you're racing to get as much done as possible during the 1 hour they both (hopefully) nap!

We called in some reinforcements too- Leyla graciously helped to tape and cut in part of the ceiling after a turkey sandwich and salt & vinegar chips to give her strength:)

With the kitchen almost completed (one wall left), I went to put Livy down for her nap and fell asleep with her! We awoke to find that hubby had finished all the painting and was doing touch ups in the living room (same color).

Livy of course insisted, "I hep, Dayi"!

The Minnie Mouse slippers helped, I think:)

We haven't done touch ups in the kitchen yet but here is our much improved kitchen wall color- warmer and more welcoming:)

A big thanks to hubby for shouldering most of the work, (especially as he hates painting) & to Leyla for her efforts in painting and watching the kids:)

This project gave me one more check to add to my 'to do' list- yeah! Maybe you've been procrastinating on a DIY project.... Better late than never, I say:)


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