Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ricardo Raves

Here at the 'Ricardo's' we're currently enjoying the following goodies- try 'em out if you haven't already:)

Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks:

Livy adores these and had no problem transitioning from 'the other' fruit snacks several months ago:) I recently scored with these all natural treats, finding them 75% off, hence why I stocked up! I've heard only great things from other kids munching away on these-they taste so yummy. And I love that they're colored with organic black carrots vs red dye # whatever- Livy loves every flavor of these "gummies":)

Mega Bloks:

Mega Bloks was another clearance find and has proven to be a keeper- though not advertised as teething apparatus, Jonah demonstrates their versatile functionality:)

While browsing our Kid to Kid resale shop last week, I happened to spot a large set (at least 100 pieces) and snatched them up to add to our collection- they're currently awaiting to be revealed at Jonah's birthday next week:)

Applegate Farms Hot Dogs:

In our family (like most), hot dogs are frequently enjoyed. Livy loves to sing the 'Hot Dog' song with Mickey Mouse and enjoys eating her "haw daw" even more:) I've tried multiple 'better' hot dogs and am really sold on this Applegate version- love that they're 'humanely raised' which I'm trying to pay closer attention to these days.

Jonah has just been introduced to the "haw daw".

He's loving the aspect of feeding himself, as am I:)

And thoroughly enjoys Livy's enthusiastic declaration of "Nonah ee haw daw too"! Livy has previously had some...negative digestive side effects...while consuming the 'other' kind of hot dogs- I love that she can enjoy one of her favorites treats with no digestive complaints while consuming/supporting Applegate products:)

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce:
Materne GoGo Squeeze™ Applesauce On The Go
No doubt you've seen GoGo sQueeZ applesauce by now- they're definitely on the rise. We discovered them at Costco before HEB even started carrying them and found that Livy loved them & they made the perfect 'on the go' snack. When I originally glanced at the label to check for questionable ingredients, I saw that it was '100% natural' + 'no refined sugar' and was sold. Upon further study, this wonderful product boasts the following, in addition to what I already listed:

1. Kosher certified
2. BPA free packaging (huge plus!)
3. Gluten & wheat free (fab!)
4. Vegan friendly
5. No added colors or flavors
6. No high fructose corn syrup

Wow. If I hadn't already been impressed, I certainly would now! They come in multiple flavors but so far, Livy is partial to the plain ol' apple.

She enthusiastically drains each last drop and often asks for a 2nd pouch and each pouch equates to 3/4 serving of fruit. Portable, fiber rich snack that tastes great- two thumbs up! Can't imagine running errands without these:)

Enjoying life each day:)


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