Monday, August 13, 2012

Jonah's 1st Birthday: Decor

This is my 2nd installment in Jonah's birthday preparations- once the invitations were finished, I moved onto my 2nd priority: decor.

First I tackled my pennant. Some time ago I purchased a pack of the 'Pawsitively Prints Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up!, planning to scrap book for Jonah using the gender neutral patterns- out that came and I quickly discovered that the prints were perfect for what I had envisioned.

The pages were 12x12 so I managed to squeeze 10 pennant flags from each sheet with very little waste- I have plans for those scraps so actually there's no waste!

I marked (on the opposite side of what I wanted to showcase) 2 inch & 4 inch intervals and then drew connecting lines with a ruler- sorry the lines are so faint...look hard:)

A tabletop paper cutter made quick work of the pennant flags and in a short time I was ready to start the connection process.

I opted for metallic brads to attach the flags and quickly had everything connected and hung in place on the chicken wire panel being used:)

And finally, I added the letters & medallions using the Big Shot and presto, the pennant was complete:)

To complete the panel I added a copy of the Poky Little Puppy...

...and a handmade 'warning to puppies' sign, replicating the end of the story- I printed the sign on glossy card stock and attached to a paint stir stick:)

Next on the list was a paper chain. I cut 1"x6" strips of the Pawsitively Prints Designer Series Paper and attached the garland with a handy dandy glue stick.

And remember those scraps that I was saving? Well, I made a mini pennant using a punch to adorn the dessert buffet.
I simply sandwiched some natural linen thread between the mini flags and then tied the pennant to bamboo skewers. Easy:)

I also made a 2nd 'warning to puppies' sign to place on the front door with a few left over pennant flags- these were just quickly taped in place:)

During my search for additional decor ideas, I stumbled upon some fabric honoring the "Poky Little Puppy" and am toying with getting some to play with....later- there was just so much inspiration & so little time!

Thanks for stopping by- will share the next round of Jonah's birthday preparations tomorrow:)


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