Monday, August 20, 2012

Going Once, Going Twice


This past week, the kids & I enjoyed watching 'Lucy Hires a Maid' in which Lucy employs the infamous, Mrs Porter.  Ricky exhorts Lucy to "be firm" & "let her know who's boss" to which Lucy halfheartedly agrees.  The trouble peaks when Lucy doesn't have the nerve to "fire her" after "being eaten out of house & home"!

I was ruminating over Lucy's lack of resolve to stand up for herself and did a mental status report for myself.  Believe it or not (and I don't think 'Ricky' does!), I have previously struggled much in this area...not so much now though.  I attribute this process of evolving to more life experience, getting married, becoming a mother and running on less sleep:)

 For example, last month I purposed to swing by Baby Gap to check out any potential bargains (consistently find incredible deals here!) and after a few minutes, maneuvered to the register and asked the cashier to run some price checks (#1 rule to shop by: always price check!)...he happily obliged and as he read the prices to me I cast my vote.

When the cashier read the price to a 'final sale' item (linen shirt for Jonah that I really wanted), I looked at the item again, sighed and said, "Nah".  The cashier calmly said, "What if I lower the price some more?"  I was totally intrigued now & though I rarely sport a successful poker face, nonchalantly responded, "Like how much, cause I'm thinking I'm going to have to iron that so you'll have to make it worth my time".  I was a bit stunned that I actually said that but felt really good because it was true!!!  Now with endorphins pumping & my curiosity peaked, the cashier chuckled over my response (am I the only person that irons baby clothes?  Surely not...) and quoted almost half of the 'final sale' price!  Again, attempting to remain calm (while on the inside I was jumping up & down!!!), I scrunched up my pondering face, paused, sighed and said, "...ok":)

 We bartered over another item, agreed on several others & I literally left Baby Gap that day grinning from ear to ear, having learned a valuable lesson: stick to your guns & try to deal with the manager on duty:)  I really wanted the linen shirt for Jonah (which he wore for his birthday party!) but knew that the price was more than I could live with so I was willing to leave it behind.  If the cashier had not bartered I would have survived but I learned that retail prices are not always what they appear:)

Be willing to ask the hard questions, like, "Is this the final price"?  In my case I didn't need to ask Mrs Porter if "she's a good cook, if she has a catcher's mitt" etc... but since the above experience, I've found myself confidently asking for possible price changes and am amazed at how often I'm met with success (just think how many times I could've saved more during previous shopping ventures!).

The journey to standing up for ourselves is a long road for many of us and one that encompasses so much, such as hiring a maid & even shopping for kids clothes:)  At times I remind myself to stand up straight, face your current challenge and stick to your guns aka "Is this the final price?"! 

Hubby & I are currently using this tactic as we tackle some poor sleep patterns with Olivia (like climbing into our bed every night!) as well as budget cuts etc....

This week, instead if hatching a "plan to make Mrs Porter quit", expect the unexpected as you stick to your guns!

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