Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"May I?"

In 'I Love Lucy' episode, 'The Golf Game' Ricky & Fred mischievously teach the girls how to play golf, implementing bogus rules, such as "May I?" before taking a shot!  The girls, totally duped, faithfully leap frog across the green in an effort to play like professionals and swing with much gusto attempting "Stymies" and avoiding "Mashies"!

This past week I purchased a 'cheesy' plastic golf set from the the HEB clearance section for a whopping $3- it was hidden for a 'rainy day' which came that same week!  Once unveiled, this golf set provided 5 hours of almost disaster free entertainment for the kids, no joke!  Olivia could barely bring herself to part with her golf "cub" at bedtime & Jonah tirelessly went searching for the golf balls under the couches, "about a hundred" times:)

I'm continually amazed at how observant children are and was curious to see if Olivia remembered watching Lucy play golf since we hadn't viewed the above episode in awhile...when asked if she was playing golf like Lucy, she calmly stated, "Ess".  I think she must be right as she mimicked some of Lucy's best golf moves, including a "Dormie"!

Enjoy the day:)


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