Monday, August 6, 2012

Handmade Birthday Gift: Part 1

This past weekend, the Ricardo's and extended family gathered to celebrate the birthday of my dear sister-in-law, Nicole- it was accompanied with the usual chaos and laughter of family gatherings:)

Earlier in the year, I purposed for the Ricardo's to give all handmade gifts this coming holiday season, so I decided to get a jump start with "Aunt Nicole" and try out a few of my many ideas for her birthday:)

After way too much time planning & ruminating, I settled on 3 things to accomplish:

1) Button jar with pin cushion top (inspired by Family Fun magazine article!)
2) Set of handmade cards
3) Embellished flip flops

I also wanted all 3 projects to be themed so I decided on the 'Sew Suite' fabric and card making supplies since I love them 'sew' much:)

For project #1, I gathered an array of Stampin' Up! buttons (of course), a ball jar, adhesives & pearl pins, a piece of the Stampin' Up! 'Sew Suite' fabric (button print) and 2 strips of the coordinating pom pom trim:) **Sorry there are no step by step pics for this project- I forgot!

Start by cutting a piece of fabric to exceed the circumference of the jar lid by approx 1/2 inch. Wad some batting underneath the fabric and position over the lid (minus the ring)- attach with adhesive to the back of the lid (be sure that the adhesive bonds to metal!), pinch in place and hold for a minute to ensure everything stays put.

Next place the ring on top of the jar, over the 'pin cushion' and screw in place. I added Sticky Strip around the ring to adhere the pom pom trim and stuck the pearl pins all over the top.

I love how this turned out- planning to make one for me next:)

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow: handmade cards.


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