Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Bike Shorts

This summer, I purposed to have Livy wear more dresses, thus modesty/bike shorts were needed...

 I had trouble finding any at the "right" price but did find some leggings on I hatched a plan to make them into shorts.  

After trying the leggings on Livy (sorry no pic but they're leggings so you can use your imagination, right?!), I simply pinched the fabric where I intended to cut, kept my fingers in place while they were removed from those cute legs and lobbed off the bottoms with my handy dandy rotary cutter!

Technically they could have been left un-hemmed since knit doesn't ravel but I wanted a finished hem, so the ends were tucked under and secured with 2 rows of zigzag stitches- the zigzag allows the seam to stretch a bit with the knit vs a tight straight stitch.

TIP: Don't forget to use your stretch needle!

And 10 minutes later, Livy had some new "shorts"!  I've now done this with 3 pairs of knit leggings and am thrilled with the easy, frugal results:)

Have fun altering,

Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Maternity/Nursing Dress

When I was "infanticipating" with my little Ms, I knew nothing of sewing, thus bought maternity clothes, albeit on clearance!  
This time around, I'm trying my hand at some alterations & DIY creations:)  
I bought a knit maxi dress (non maternity clearance at Ross) with plenty of stretch & the desired V neck for future nursing capacity...

...however, the neckline was way too low for me... instead of having to wear a full length tank underneath (difficult for future nursing), I chopped a square of white knit to make a nursing/modesty panel...

...and it works like a charm!  
I zigzag stitched at the top 2 corners to keep the panel in place, allowing the bottom to hang free & be maneuvered easily:)

TIP: Be sure to use a stretch needle when sewing with knits!

With the summer Texas heat beating down, I was looking for the least amount of layers needed for this combo & am thrilled with this DIY experiment!

On to the next!

Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Kitchen Tile Back Splash- Part 2

I'm pleased to share the final stage of our DIY back splash which means it's done- with a long list of DIY projects, I'm elated at being able to check off each one!

After waiting 24 hours from when we adhered the tile sheets in place, Granddaddy started to grout, while I followed with lots of sponging:)

We chose a "bone" colored grout to help blend with the tones in the counter tops...

 ...and also gave the almond colored electrical outlets a makeover with new white covers...

 ...and touching up the switches etc... with some handy dandy white spray paint!

And yes, the walls are next on the "to do" list:)

 Glass tile sheets: $2.97 each x 21= $63
Tile Adhesive: $16
Grout (pre-mixed): $76
Tile "hatchet" spatula: free (had on hand)
Spray paint: free (had on hand)
Outlet Covers: $0.50 x 4= $2
TOTAL: $157

We had less than one sheet of tile leftover which is being saved for a future craft project and 1/2 bucket of tile adhesive that will be used for our fireplace tile makeover...coming soon.  We used the entire bucket of grout with all those little squares of glass!

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Kitchen Tile Back Splash- Part 1

Today we finally made time to pick out tile for the kitchen back splash.  So my little Ms and I headed to our local Floor & Decor with Granddaddy in search of deep discounts...

After deciding against our 1st choice of gray glass subway tiles that would require a special cutter & LOTS of work, we went with glass mosaic tile sheets that were a mere $2.97 per sheet, less than half the price of the gray subway tiles!
TIP: take a remnant of your counter tops to ensure everything will blend well...really helps!

And then it was time to get to work!  
Granddaddy began by drawing a line with a level where the top of the tile would lay against the wall, and then applied tile adhesive with his handy dandy "hatchet" aka trowel:)

Peanut enjoyed cutting apart some of the reject pieces:)

And here is the 1st wall- we opted to raise the back splash behind the stove & I love it!  The built in micro will eventually be housed above:)

Since these mini glass tiles are on sheets, it was a snap to customize around the electrical outlets with a handy dandy pair of scissors- major bonus:)

We have to wait 24-48 hours to grout but in the mean time I'm enjoying this new "posh" addition in its first stage:)

And "Ricky" has been hard at work applying the primer to our previously wall paper laden kitchen walls:)  Can't wait to see paint & texture transform these...more to come!

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planning Ahead

I regularly take a good deal of ribbing from family & friends for perpetually planning ahead...far ahead:) 
And yet, the thrill of planning/acquiring supplies, crafting for special occasions etc...keeps me going strong!  And with Baby M's arrival quickly approaching, I'm in 5th gear:)

Here are a few examples of my planning ahead, in varying stages:

 I started & almost completed a vintage party dress last month for Livy to wear to Jonah's birthday (seems a bit unfair, I know, considering it's Jonah's birthday...but he obviously wasn't going to be able to wear it!) and it's been waiting on my sewing "pile" for the final touch- hope to share all the details later this week!

Last week, while out looking for the "final touch" to Livy's party dress, we spotted this remnant of shamrock fabric... of course I picked it up, with the intention of transforming it into a St. Patty's Day skirt...for next year:)  Livy was thrilled- she loves when Mama sews for her:)

Last night I was working on felt hair bows for Livy's 4th birthday, next year...

...and after pinning something yesterday, my little Ms & I picked up these little bird houses for Livy's 5th birthday, in 2 years!  At 70% off, making them a mere 30 cents each, these favors were a real win:)

So, though it takes lots of notes and remembering where things are stored, planning ahead is highly satisfying to moi, especially as it saves mucho moola!

If you're not a planner, I pity you- you're missing out on the inevitable thrill of the chase & scavenging for bargains...

...even Livy & Jonah are learning to peruse the remnant section at Hobby Lobby & various clearance racks in pursuit of something for a fun occasion...which produced these cute outfits:)

Looking forward to sharing more details as multiple projects in session are coming to completion:)


Monday, July 22, 2013

Edible, Eatable can eat 'em!

With Mama battling morning sickness all last week, and the kids in a bit of a food rut, I was feeling desperate to try something new... we switched up lunch, just a little, by making butterfly grilled cheese sandwiches!

Grab some Tillamook cheddar, Kerrygold butter & Udi's GF bread, all from Costco to keep things yummy, nutritious & easy...

...add a butterfly sandwich cutter...

 ...and then lightly grill that sandwich, the way a certain little Miss likes it:)

 Taking a tentative bite...
Me, "Do you like your butterfly grilled cheese, Livy?"



Jonah, just up from his nap, patiently waited for his butterfly while munching on grapes:)

When everything seems to require energy that Mama is in shortage of at present, this little activity made everyone happy:)

Enjoy your butterflies,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY Foamies

While hatching plans for activities to occupy guests at Jonah's upcoming Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party, I realized that I needed some 'foamies'... know, those self adhesive foam shapes that are 'mess free'?!!!

Well, after pricing them & realizing Gramma had all the supplies in the stamping studio, I opted to make some instead:)

Fun Foam ($ store)
Self Adhesive Sheets (office supply/craft store)

By simply applying the sticky sheet on the fun foam & running it through the Big Shot, I had instant 'foamies'!

Total Cost:
$0- had everything on hand:)

Can't wait for Jonah's little guests to have fun with these:)


Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Front Door Makeover

So our front door is a cinnamon, reddish brown & came with that lovely door mat...

...& brass hardware- not my style:/

It's a nice, solid door though with minimal wear so instead of investing in a new door & hardware, Granddaddy offered to give this door a makeover- music to my ears:)

Paint brush
1 qt Semi Gloss Interior Paint
Spray Paint
Painters Tape

I chose Behr "Havana Coffee" to evoke an espresso color for the wood...

Here it is drying after the 1st coat was applied...
(sorry for the horrendous lighting...couldn't be helped)

...and this handy dandy spray paint, which has transformed so many elements in our home already, was put to work on the brass hardware...

...and it now looks & feels brand new!  Love this spray paint!

 And here is our "new door"!  Looks so much better in person but the lighting is terrible in this alcove, on top of being overcast:/

Total Makeover Cost:
<$8 for half can of paint!
I had all the other supplies on hand!

And so as my little Ms slumber peacefully, I'm back to work on Livy's bedspread, pinning away & enjoying our "new door":)  Thanks to Granddaddy for another expert DIY job!

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jonah Takes His Nap

My "Peanut" stopped taking naps almost a year ago which blessedly resulted in she & Jonah going to bed at the same time in the evening, allowing "Ricky" & I some quality time alone...shocker, I know... while Jonah naps alone, Livy enjoys some quiet time, sometimes preparing for Baby M...

...and making sure her baby dolls get their rest...

...with appropriate blankets & pillows:)

And this week she's been practicing with her glue sticks...

 and some left over paint chips...

 ...and working through her tendency to avoid getting "snicky" fingers...


I'm so thankful for these special moments with our growing girl and seeing her grasp more of life each day and for "Ricky" who works so hard, making it possible for me to be at home, each day, with our little Ms:)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spray Paint Wonders

In the past couple of weeks, I have discovered the wonders of spray paint...

...transforming tacky brass hardware into...

...modern, hammered pewter...

...aged, yellowed framework into...


...a "new" door...

boring, matte picture frames into...

glossy, rich treasures...

...of multiple colors...

...dated, tacky ceiling fans into...

a fixture worthy of this decade...

...and "Granny" lamp shades into...

...frosted glass:)

And since this Mama can't be around the fumes at present with Baby M in the oven, Granddaddy has graciously been our "go to" spray guy:)  Can't wait to experiment more!