Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planning Ahead

I regularly take a good deal of ribbing from family & friends for perpetually planning ahead...far ahead:) 
And yet, the thrill of planning/acquiring supplies, crafting for special occasions etc...keeps me going strong!  And with Baby M's arrival quickly approaching, I'm in 5th gear:)

Here are a few examples of my planning ahead, in varying stages:

 I started & almost completed a vintage party dress last month for Livy to wear to Jonah's birthday (seems a bit unfair, I know, considering it's Jonah's birthday...but he obviously wasn't going to be able to wear it!) and it's been waiting on my sewing "pile" for the final touch- hope to share all the details later this week!

Last week, while out looking for the "final touch" to Livy's party dress, we spotted this remnant of shamrock fabric... of course I picked it up, with the intention of transforming it into a St. Patty's Day skirt...for next year:)  Livy was thrilled- she loves when Mama sews for her:)

Last night I was working on felt hair bows for Livy's 4th birthday, next year...

...and after pinning something yesterday, my little Ms & I picked up these little bird houses for Livy's 5th birthday, in 2 years!  At 70% off, making them a mere 30 cents each, these favors were a real win:)

So, though it takes lots of notes and remembering where things are stored, planning ahead is highly satisfying to moi, especially as it saves mucho moola!

If you're not a planner, I pity you- you're missing out on the inevitable thrill of the chase & scavenging for bargains...

...even Livy & Jonah are learning to peruse the remnant section at Hobby Lobby & various clearance racks in pursuit of something for a fun occasion...which produced these cute outfits:)

Looking forward to sharing more details as multiple projects in session are coming to completion:)


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