Friday, August 3, 2012


In the "Lucy & Ethel Buy the Same Dress" episode, the girls do a 'cute song and dance number' called "Friendship". Like Ricky says, "It's a little on the corny side..." but Olivia doesn't mind & loves to mimic Lucy:)

Lets face it- we all need an 'Ethel' at times, to 'help us out of a jam', hence where "my grizzly little story begins"...

A long way away, across the Atlantic Ocean in Wales, lives my dear friend, Megan, creator of Kindy Garden. Several weeks ago I sent a panicky Facebook message to Megan, enlisting help for Jonah's birthday and when the expected package arrived, I discovered a surprise within: Smarties!

Smarties are delicious buttons of milk chocolate covered in thin colored sugar coats (similar to M&Ms and yet not...) and were a childhood favorite of mine during our years in the U.K. Along with my treat was a note where Megan insisted that I wasn't to share my Smarties (namely with my 2 Piranha brothers) and should enjoy each Smartie to its fullest! She's so thoughtful, looking out for me so well:)

I've been avoiding sweets so I wasn't able to indulge when they first arrived, however, tonight, I finally allowed myself to sample a few. Yes, here I am, cheesy grin & all, about to pop open my tube of Smarties. Who cares that it was almost 10pm?! It was a hallowed moment. The house was silent and still with the kids asleep and hubby otherwise engaged...just me & my tube of Smarties:)

So, a big shout out to my 'Ethel' for rescuing me (will share the details of my request next week!) and for the fabulous Smarties- such a sweet treat:) Thanks, Megs, Darling!


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