Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Custom Bedspread

And here is the next piece towards Livy's bedroom redo: a new DIY bedspread, my first ever:)

I started with this 100% cotton drapery material that Livy spotted on a clearance table for $4/yard...

..and then it sat, all cut & pinned for ages...not on the living room floor though... got temporarily draped over the loveseat (as seen above)... my little Ms were busy...

...playing dress up:)

And then one evening I moved the sewing machine to the dining room table and determined not to get up until this mammoth piece of cloth resembled the intended coverlet!

The cutting was a chore since this piece was the largest I had ever worked on & I did opt to round the corners- love how they turned out though vs pointy angles:)

I backed the coverlet with a high end, pique cotton, queen flat sheet that I had on hand from a set that had retired it's fitted counterpart due to wear- love the texture and crispness of the white:)

 Since we're in a warm climate, I opted for 100% cotton and nothing too thick- 
be sure to consider comfort when choosing layers:)

 Between the 2 fabric layers, I sandwiched some natural,100% cotton batting- I splurged on this when it was 50% off & so glad I did, knowing that my Peanut is getting a high quality bedspread:)

TIP: This came in a double layer off the bolt & I opted to just use one layer so I have enough batting for a second bedspread:)

 I loosely followed this tutorial and then did my own thing- I really like the top stitching around the perimeter, helping to keep the layers in place...once it's in use I may go back and add some quilting if there is much shift....

Now we're just waiting for Livy's new sheets to arrive- got this 100% cotton set from Lands End for a whopping $ yeah!

DIY Twin Bedspread Costs:
Drapery Fabric: approx 3 yds= $12
100% Natural Cotton Batting= approx $7
Cotton Sheet: free
TOTAL: approx $19

So, for less than $20, I was able to make my "big girl" a custom bedspread that matches her new custom curtains:)

And last but not least, a sham to match the bedspread- pieces are cut and just awaiting some stitching!

Almost done...thanks for stopping by,

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