Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Q-Tip Painting with Homemade Paint

Over the past couple weeks I've been strategizing how to test pins on my Pinterest boards, and then deleting if I didn't feel they were successful- de-cluttering, basically:)

On my 'kids crafts' board I had pinned 'q-tip painting'...

...thus, q-tips in hand, my little Ms sat down on our handy dandy art mat (vinyl tablecloth) and began smearing & experimenting:)

Since I was trying out one pin, I opted to add another: homemade paint. 
The recipe called for equal parts of flour, salt & water plus food coloring...

...I made mine a bit thicker since I was trying to avoid excessive drips and 
 I added red gel food coloring and some ground cinnamon for added sensory delight:)

The kids had a lovely time: Livy painting with her q-tips & trying to not get messy while Jonah opted to paint himself:)

Score: Thumbs Up!

We'll definitely be doing more q-tip painting with homemade paint and working on the actual 'q-tip' technique:)

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