Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY Play Tea Bags

A long while ago I pinned some pretend tea bags for play...

Pretend play tea bags for tea parties- made from fabric scraps.  Oh my!
(photo courtesy of pinterest)
...and I finally got them made last night:)

I went through my fabric stash this week, pulling all the scraps aside which served to make these... tea bags:) 

I left some of them with raw edges and enclosed others, stuffing first and stuffing after sewing up the sides, not making any 2 quite the same was late and I felt like experimenting:)

I opted to glue the 'tags' on the ends as my sewing machine was already griping about the tea bags:/

I dithered about saving these for a stocking stuffer...

 ...but then caved in to revealing them now:)

Livy got right down to business, allotting a bag per tea cup...

...while Jonah perked up, seeing a new toy- he was struggling with a cold:(

By this time Jonah was wanting to play... little Ms. Sneaky popped all the tea bags in her teapot...

..."hiding them from Jonah"!

 Next it was time to set up her tea party guests...

...and make an "icky face" at Jonah for getting too close!

"Jonah, shoo shoo..."

Fortunately everyone had their tea and had a blast:)

So glad I took the trouble to sew up these little play tea bags- anticipating hours of fun ahead:)

Play Tea Bag Costs:
Fabric: free (stash scraps)
Polyfill: free (stash)
Mini Rope Cord: free (stash)
Fabric Glue: free (stash)

Lucy: "Free? F.R.E.E.E.?"  The best kind of project:)

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