Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Despite my girth now rivaling a pony & my energy levels being in the negative (just 3 weeks till Baby M's projected arrival!) I knew we needed to make an effort for trick or treating this year:)

We started the day with a phone call to Gramma where Livy sang "Happy Birthday" very sweetly to "Framma".  October 31st is not celebrated as Halloween here at 423 East 68th Street since it's Gramma's birthday:)

However, we do make an effort to get the kids dressed up & gather "swee swees".
Last year, Livy was Goldilocks...


 ...and Jonah was a bear, of sorts...

...since he wouldn't keep his hat on!

Goldilocks didn't mind though:)

This year, Livy was Princess Snow White!

As you can see, we couldn't wrangle any costume on Jonah this year:)

Livy just caught a glimpse of her glow stick lighting up, courtesy of her friend, Jude and was in awe:)

Jonah, our "Great Pumpkin" was thrilled to receive pretzels amongst the "other stuff"...

...and happily munched and meandered while Livy socialized:)

Next year, I'm hoping to make creative costumes for all 3 little Ms and Jonah won't have a choice but to wear one of them!!!


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