Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"It's a Moo Moo!"

For anyone possibly under the false impression that everything I attempt is successful and comes together with zero frustration, I thought I would share a recent debacle...

I found this bold green print at Hobby Lobby on clearance and purchased some in the hopes of making a maternity item... sat for a while as I considered multiple options (BTW, this is the norm) and then I opted to make a skirt that, once attached to a tank top, could be a great summery maternity dress.

The green fabric was rather sheer (maybe cotton voile?) but with sufficient gathers and leggings underneath, felt it would work so I started stitching and attaching...

...only to discover that "going with the flow", putting in little preparation wasn't resulting in immediate success- the plan was to make a belt/sash to cover the seam but it still bugged me:/

In addition to the messy seam, the back of the skirt was belling out to where one couldn't distinguish which side was the front & which side was the back with Baby M's continuing growth:/

I wasn't despairing yet though, so I made some further alterations (no easy task when trying to adjust & pin by yourself when 7+ months pregnant) only to concede after several attempts,
"It's a moo moo!" & ditched it:/

Lucy experienced similar results so at least I'm among friends:)

Not all of my ventures result in completion & success but I look forward to learning along the way and enjoying the journey:)


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