Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

 I just tackled another pin, in preparation for Baby M's arrival- cloth baby wipes.  
I've used cloth wipes previously but bought them so this was a new project for me- I'm a firm believer that cloth is better for baby bums, especially newborns:)

So I took 2 of Livy & Jonah's "seen better days" flannel receiving blankets:
  • cut them into squares on my cutting mat with my handy dandy rotary cutter
  • rounded the corners with scissors
  • placed them RST (right sides together) & sewed around the edges, leaving a gap to turn
  • turned them out & ironed flat
  • stitched the opening closed.
 And that's it!

I didn't fuss with these, making each exactly the same size or stitching around the entire edge since these are ultimately for piddle & poopies:)

I won't bother stating how long I procrastinated about completing this project since it was so easy- let's just say, I'm thrilled that it's done!  And I plan to make another dozen or so...

I made 22 double sided wipes from these 2 receiving blankets and for free- happy Mama and soon to be happy baby bum:)

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