Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Skirt

So, between our upcoming trip to Disney World & Olivia's Minnie Mouse birthday party, 
the birthday girl was ready for a special skirt to herald these occasions:)

First, I need to make clear that I didn't make this skirt from scratch-
I added the polka layer to a black tulle skirt and reattached the bow in a different place.

The original skirt was purchased at Michael's (of all places!) in their Halloween section for Livy...

...when she went trick or treating as a Ladybug:)

And since I didn't really know what I was doing, I didn't take any step-by-step pics:/
Here's a few pointers though:

1) I took some polka dot cotton (sale at JoAnn's), washed & ironed it.

2) I cut an appropriate length (plus allowances for hems) and used the width of the yardage.

3) I sewed the side shut (RST) producing a large loop, then ironed the seam.

4) I ironed the bottom hem over with RST and then sewed on the outside of the hem.

5) For the waist hem, I ironed over, same as step #4 but I sewed a basting stitch in place so I could gather, pinned and then sewed in place for keeps:)

TIP: Since I was sewing my "Minnie" skirt onto a knit waistband I used a stretch needle.

6) I had snipped the satin bow off the original skirt and then hand sewed to the bottom of the "Minnie" layer.

Done!  Now to get her "special" shirt ready...

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