Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mommy Outing

Can you remember the last time you ran an errand...alone? Did you fumble withLink your wallet sans a diaper bag strapped to your person? Did you look around periodically thinking you had misplaced your children?

Well, this was me on Memorial Day afternoon as I entered 'sewing heaven' with my Mom in search of woven treasures, minus my 2 angels:) My husband graciously took the kids home from our picnic in the park so that I could enjoy a 'Mommy Outing':)

It was a very therapeutic time- I thought about my angels continually (not sure that I ever stop, actually), wondering if they were napping as usual, being naughty for Daddy, running wild etc.... but in the midst of this ever running mental process, I was almost giddy to have an uninterrupted chat with my Mom and shop leisurely!

I quickly found lots to take home while my Mom & I chatted with the sweetest 'Grandma' (a stellar employee) as she cut yard after yard...after yard...after yard...sigh...after yard of fabric for me! I felt as though we were having a tea party vs running an errand- truly delightful:)

Here is one of the pieces that I found (loving vintage/nostalgic prints right now!):

I plan to embellish a dress, tunic or skirt for Livy with this piece- always looking for things that can easily be matched! Can't wait to get started on this and see it draped on my gorgeous girl:)

Do you sew? Are you just starting, like me? Stay tuned for other projects that I'm working on & be sure to share yours too:)

Thanks 'sew' much.


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