Saturday, May 26, 2012

A New Beginning

Greetings Fellow Moms & Housewives,

After much deliberation and procrastination, I've opted to start blogging again. I hope to bring a measure of humor and merriment to your days (that often feel like years!) and inspire you to live life to the fullest:)

When I consider the women that have most impacted my life, I'm blessed to have my Mom at the top of the list- I owe so much to her. She motivates, encourages and influences me on a daily basis and for this I'm eternally grateful:)

On a lighter note, however, Lucy Ricardo (aka Lucille Ball) is also on my list. For those that know my family personally, you're likely aware of how much we revere 'I Love Lucy'. I grew up watching 'Lucy' as a young child, thanks to my Dad's established love of the program- I loved to hear him reminisce of when he watched the episodes back in the day:) I still remember one Christmas where a TV station played nonstop episodes of 'Lucy' for 24 hrs on Christmas Day- my brothers & I were enthralled:)

I'd hazard a guess that second only to the Bible, 'I Love Lucy' is one of the greatest manuals for living life successfully. My husband and I have been blessed with 2 little angels and they were both introduced to 'Lucy' as infants and light up when they hear the intro music- I can't begin to list the numerous things that our daughter, Olivia (just turned 2) has learned from viewing 'Lucy'...that's for another day:)

However, this isn't a soliloquy on how you should be a diehard 'I Love Lucy' fan- it's merely to help you see the significance in the name of this blog and future posts.

In one particular episode, Lucy is duped into buying several "Handy Dandy" appliances which don't fare well under use. Ricky teases Lucy that she has no "sales resistance"- by the end of the episode, Ricky has also succumbed to the advertized marvels of the "Handy Dandy" company!

In the subsequent posts, I hope to share some 'Handy Dandy' tips with you (that actually work!) and I look forward to hearing your own!

Thanks for joining me:)


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