Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Dreaded 'B' Word...

Budget (grimace). Are you having to tighten your financial belt at present? Maybe you've been keeping a tight budget and it just keeps getting tighter! Hubby & I found ourselves having this chat last night, ending with him saying, "Can you go easy on groceries this week?"

I love to buy groceries. In fact, I love to buy groceries for other people. But I especially like to buy groceries on sale. So for the first time in several months, I did not go to Sprouts on 'Double Ad Wednesday'- I admit, I tarried for a moment in sorrow when I woke up today, realizing that I would not be visiting "my store" on my usual day. However, I quickly moved on to the challenge of stretching our budget...further:)

As the kids & I were out watering plants in the back garden this morning, the phrase 'Living off the land' popped in my mind. By the time we had finished, I thought, "That's it! I'm setting out to live off the land (aka pantry/freezer) this week to shrink our grocery budget!"

My initial calculations show that by using groceries that I already have in stock (pantry/freezer) and buying minimal dairy/fresh produce to supplement this week, we'll be spending approx half of what I'd been spending in prior weeks as I was filling the pantry & freezer!

For dinner I made a turkey & vegetable curry served with Basmati and a green salad - not authentic or award winning but we enjoyed a hot meal together and I got a "Thanks for the food" from hubby which means he liked it!

Stay tuned for more budget solutions & thanks for stopping by:)


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