Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Olivia's Birthday Dress

Several months ago the sewing machine was stashed at Gramma's house while we de-cluttered our home for sale purposes- 2 weeks ago I informed 'Ricky' that I was bringing home the sewing machine since we had sold the house:)

I had a hankering to make a dress for Peanut, and not just any dress, a party dress:)  I saw this tutorial and began hatching a plan for my 1st dress project, including clearance fabric from Hobby Lobby, just in case I botched it! 

Livy liked the "Purpur" aka "purple" fabric with flowers & helped to find appropriate buttons so off I went!

Since this was my first proper dress adventure, I read through the tutorial + comments several times ( & even then, still made a few boo boos!) and worked on this once my little Ms were slumbering:)  A bit more sewing experience would have been helpful but I figured this was the perfect opportunity to acquire some!

After 2 evenings I had a lovely dress intact and was just missing the sash- I made a rather large cutting boo boo which took a chunk of time to remedy:(

I wish I could've captured when Livy first tried on her new dress- she grinned from ear to ear and quietly, in awe, strode to my full length mirror & began to twirl, admiring herself:)  Even with the dress not being perfect, she was elated!

So, finally Livy's birthday rolled around and she was able to show off her new dress at church- she'd been pining to show Gramma & Granddaddy all week:)


Livy commandeered one of my necklaces, insisting that she needed it for her new dress!

I made a simple coordinating yoyo hair clip- the button & fabric covered brad are from Stampin' Up! & match perfectly:)

There's a peek at the massive bow that tied in the back- neglected to get a proper pic of that feature...grrr...

FYI, if you choose to try out this great dress tutorial, be sure to measure your child- I made the biggest size offered (5) and it fits well with some room in the bodice to hopefully extend Livy's twirling escapades:)

Plotting more dresses to come...Livy informed me tonight, "Mama, I need new dress pees."

Thanks for looking,


  1. I was doing a search on "feeling dauncy" and came across your blog. I think I have found a new friend because it seems you like I Love Lucy as much as I do! I own all 9 seasons (the original 6 then the 3 seasons of one hour episodes) on DVD and collect paraphernalia.
    Your daughters are as cute as buttons!

  2. Wow, thanks Birdie! My parents own all the seasons, including the Comedy Hours so we permanently have them on loan! Granddaddy comes to visit the kids during the week and we have a blast catching details from different episodes:) I'm afraid I haven't blogged much lately as we're in the middle of our first major house move, the kids are a handful, we've had multiple birthdays in the family & I was rather under the weather for a bit...getting back in the groove now though and look forward to sharing some Lucy moments with you:)