Friday, April 19, 2013

Under Contract

So, its' been a month since we last chatted...disgraceful, I know (cringing)...and so much has happened!

'Ricky' & I closed on our little abode and are currently subleasing from the new owners which has been an answer to prayer, alleviating the need to move twice with our little Ms!

We're also under contract on our potentially "new big house" as Livy says:)  Just had the home inspection done and there are a few things that need sorting so we're in the throws of negotiations now...

I'll be honest- this has been one of the most draining experiences I've faced...just check out "Mrs Benson" above!  The constant appointments, phone calls, emails, scanning documents, online searching etc... is not for the faint of heart!  And throw in my little Ms that are constantly moving, crossing boundaries, destroying something and it's, well...exhausting! 

And yet, through it all, God has given us a great peace that He was sorting things out and so we continued the search after multiple homes were sold right out from under us or were already under contract, hours after being listed etc....

The home we currently have under contract is cute as a button and with a little updating will be really lovely- poor 'Ricky' hasn't even seen it yet as I rushed to view & sort the contract while he was at work one day!  That's how fast the market has been moving!  Phew!

So, hopefully I can share concrete news about our "new big house" next week...and we're hoping our new neighbor won't be a "Minnie Finch"!

On a lighter note, Livy's birthday is finally approaching this weekend and I've been scurrying for the past 2 weeks trying to finish the DIY stick horses, chocolate pigs, felt vegetables, DIY cupcake tower barn etc...!  I'll be sharing pics & details of all the creations next week:)

Thanks for staying in touch,

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