Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Confession: I plan more projects than any 2 people could accomplish in one lifetime!

One such project was making elderberry syrup before Abigail was due to arrive...
which didn't happen, obviously!

And now since all 3 little Ms are battling a cold and
 I'm on the tail end of "Larynyitis", I finally got this project completed...
hopefully better late than never:/

What is elderberry syrup?  
This is a great post about elderberry & it's many attributes- 
key benefits: fights multiple strains of flu and builds immunity support- yes, please!

Elderberry syrup can be purchased but it's pricey, hence why I opted to make it:)

I started with organic dried elderberries (Amazon)...

...measured out 1/2 cup of the dried elderberries 
and added to 3 cups of boiling water in a saucepan...

...after simmering for 30-40 mins, there should be approx 1 1/2 cups of elderberry juice- 
allow this to cool and strain...

...and then add 1/2 cup honey.

TIP: Raw honey is recommended but local works too!

Ta da!  Now your elderberry syrup is ready to use- store in the fridge for 2-3 months.

Preventative: 1 Tbsp/daily for adults & 1 tsp/daily for children over 1 year
Illness: 1 Tbsp/2-3 hrs for adults & 1 tsp/2-3 hrs for children over 1 year.

How does my homemade version compare in price?  
About a tenth of the pre-made price tag!  Well worth the few minutes to make:)

Coincidentally, the kids love this as it's so sweet:)

Get well soon,

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