Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome, Rosebud

I've finally sat down to sort through some photos of Baby Abigail, our newest arrival to the Ricardo residence- her name means "Joy of the Father" and she has already brought much joy to our home:)

So without further ado, here she is:

All bundled up in her strawberry ensemble, leaving the hospital...

Abby arrived home, just in time for Thanksgiving...

 ...where Livy exerted herself as 'sole protector' of her "baby stister":)

Despite some rough beginnings with a dairy intolerance, she began sleeping well...

...preferably while being held:)

Jonah began gingerly acclimating to having "Abby" present...

...while she began to explore her new world:)

 A favorite spot for Rosebud is seeing herself in the mirror of our bathroom:)

Abigail loves to talk...

...and smiles profusely, even while sleeping...

...of course, you can see who she's already taking after:)

And here's our Rosebud, all ready for church:)

Look forward to sharing more of our precious new addition & the adventures we've had over the past 2 months.


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