Saturday, June 21, 2014

DIY Baby Food

Our sweet & feisty Buttercup is almost 7 months old and has been chowing down on solids for the past 6 weeks.

You see, this is how our evenings were looking, thus why we started introducing solids at 5 months!  Anything to help our growing girl that we could too!

Of course buying baby food is expensive and an added burden to the grocery I've been making my own...

 ...enter the Sweet Potato!

I simply washed & pierced the spud and popped it in the toaster oven for 45mins-1 hr at 350 degrees.

Once the spud cooled I scooped out the soft flesh...

...popped it in the blender with some boiled water (cooled)...

...and ta da!  Homemade, all natural baby food!
I used an ice tray (each cube is roughly 1 oz), froze the portions and then placed the cubes in a container.

We then prepared Buttercup for her 1st sweet potato tasting...

...and after a few spoonfuls...

...this was her consensus!  Yummy!

After the sweet potato success, I tried prunes- just popped them from the bag into the blender with plenty of cool, boiled water.  Buttercup loves these too!

I haven't run the numbers but I've guestimated huge savings by making these 2 baby food items at home.

What else is Rosebud eating?

Avocado- just mash & it's ready!
Banana- again, mash & it's ready!
Apples- I pureed applesauce & a drop of water to make it super smooth.
Pears- peel, puree with water & it's ready!
Peaches- simmer frozen peaches, use the cooking water & puree.
Yo Baby Yogurt- Buttercup likes the banana but LOVES the mango yogurt:)

So far so good & we've tried some combinations of the above foods.

  Next on the agenda: trying butternut squash & making homemade yogurt!!!

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