Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Father's Day

These are late (as always it seems:/) but here are pictures from Father's Day:)

Livy & Jonah were being very sweet...for a few seconds:)

My beautiful family- so blessed!

Photo: Special men in my life- blessed:)

Here is "Ricky" with Granddaddy & my little brothers:)

Photo: Family pose...

Here's a rather impromptu family pic (minus the kids), following a big lunch- really should take family pics before we eat:/

Photo: Rosebud enjoying a snack & some chill time with Granddaddy:)

And here's Granddaddy, enjoying some relaxation at 623 E 68th St with Rosebud, after a very full & meaningful Father's Day!

 It's almost time for our next round of Sunday family pictures:)

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