Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beets, Blueberry & Banana Baby Food

I've been experimenting with my recent homemade yogurt to 
produce some DIY YoBaby options for Buttercup...

Photo: This Mama is pretty happy- Buttercup is enjoying homemade yogurt with beets & blueberries!  Worth the work:) #frugalorganic latest combo was beets, blueberry & banana which proved to be scrumptious!

I thawed these...

...and simmered for a few minutes to release more juices...

...then scrubbed these...

...wrapped in foil & roasted for an hour...

...put on my "messy" gloves, peeled & pureed with the blueberries:)

I placed the puree in ice cube trays to freeze individual portions.

Then I placed a small amount of homemade yogurt in a container, added a thawed cube of beets & blueberry & added some mashed banana- "it's a hit!"

All natural, organic, homemade goodness for my Buttercup- worth the work:)

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