Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pinterest Paper Roll

During one of my Pinterest visits, I came across this:
DIY Vintage Bistro Union Hanging Paper Roll #diy #vintage 
...and fell in love:)

So I asked Granddaddy if he could replicate this happen in my kitchen...

...and he did! 
It's nestled perfectly below my vintage recipes- love:)

Gramma ordered the paper's the biggest roll of kraft paper I've ever seen, and this is after Granddaddy unrolled half of it in an effort to mount it to the wall!!!

Olivia is already making good use of our new addition, practicing her name:)

A huge thank you to Granddaddy for making this happen, despite the multiple hurdles encountered!

I like to keep this quote scribbled on my new paper roll- 
it's a favorite Cary Grant line that always makes me smile:)

 On to the next pin!

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