Friday, May 23, 2014

"To Mamaw, Love From Tiffany"

I saw something on Pinterest (story of my life!) and knew 
that I wanted to replicate this project in my kitchen:
Framed Vintage Recipes

I love how they turned out!!!

But these aren't just random vintage recipes- 
these are from my Mamaw, a genteel Southern lady who
 loved to cook for her family, all gathered in her home.

Since I was doing this "on the dime", 
I collected some frames via garage sales & family rejects...

...and gave them several coats of paint...

Granite Satin Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint [Set of 6]

...this paint, to be specific...

...transforming yucky colors like this...

...into this lovely shade of gray...or grey:)

This frame had been gold but after several coats, it was like new:)

I'm no spray paint expert, but I was more confident after completing this project:)

 I chose specific recipes (like "Congealed Salad")
and then placed them on an archival quality matte (Michaels) to preserve their life

I highly recommend using archival quality!!!

Frames: $1.50
Recipes- Free!
Paint: $4.50 (Joann - 40% coupon)
Matte: $8ish (still have a lot left for another project!)
Total Cost: <$15

As the final touch, I added a note from me, 
written as a young child stating: "To Mamaw, Love From Tiffany" under her photo.

These are now hung in my kitchen, in a place of honor
 and I love knowing that my Mamaw is watching over me as I cook for my family:)

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