Saturday, May 17, 2014

Olivia's Minnie Mouse Soiree- Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Olivia's 4th birthday celebration- here is Part 1!

After guests relaxed with discovery playtime, they were ushered...

Pic taken pre-party.
...the dining room, laden with treats!

Here are 2 of my "handy helpers":)

Treats included Minnie Mouse Oreo pops,

  • homemade caramel popcorn (thanks, Gramma!)
  • "Minnie" hot dogs (Lil Smokies)
  • Strawberries with Nutella (a fave for my birthday girl)
  • Chips & pretzels
  • Babybel Cheese
  • "Minnie's Punch" (Apple/Cranberry concentrate + Sprite)

Here is darling, Rose, ready to dig in with her Minnie Mouse plate!

Some cutie pie guests, like Hope...

...and Kellan, sat on the patio...

..while Rose...

...and Jude, sat in the kitchen which was festooned with...

...approx 20 feet of pom pom garland...

...that kept going...

...and going!

I spent approx 30 mins one evening stringing the pom poms and left them
 on the spool of white thread- on party day I hung and spaced them:)

The final sweet treat: birthday cake!

A homemade, triple layer Devil's Food Cake with cream cheese frosting- 
this was my first "advanced" decorating effort
and I was quite pleased since cake decorating is not my area of expertise.

After a food coloring debacle,
 I cheated and used a Wilton tube of black icing for the dots & name.

And to ensure a neat result, I piped Livy's name on waxed paper, 
popped it in the freezer while I finished decorating the cake, then peeled it off & placed it in the heart- easy!

I achieved the "heart" by cutting out the shape in waxed paper, 
placing on cake after iced, piling red dusting sugar around and blowing/spreading a bit and then removing with a toothpick for the name:)

And though I wanted a nice looking cake for my birthday girl, 
I still wanted it to have a "homemade" charm, as in, not perfect, which it did!


The first piece of cake...

Yes, that's a DIY cake board- left over box, cling film & scissors= worked like a charm!

...went to the birthday girl!

And as you can see, she wasn't about to let Uncle Timmy steal it!

This was my first time making a triple layer cake & I loved it!

And so did my sweet girl:)

With tummies full, and "ears" in place, it was time to tackle the Minnie pinata!

The final segment, part 3 of Olivia's Minnie Mouse Soiree, coming next!

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