Sunday, May 4, 2014

Post Party

We did it!

Livy's Minnie Mouse soiree came off with hardly a gliche and everyone had a marvelous time!  
I will be sharing a full post with lots of pics but today I wanted to pay tribute to my helpers:

To my parents who made last minute runs to the store for various items, homemade caramel popcorn and hours of babysitting, thank you SO much for helping to make Livy's special day possible!

To Carolina, a dear friend who selflessly took lots of professional pics, ensuring we can treasure this event for years to come and share it with pride:)

To Uncle Alex & Auntie Leah who helped with last minute decor, food prep and face painting, thank you!

And finally to "Ricky" who selflessly made dozens of trips throughout the preceding weeks accumulating supplies, walking Abby so I could pleat streamers, fouf pom poms & string garland-
this special event was truly a group effort!

A full account coming next!


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