Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Oreo Pops

A Minnie Mouse party wouldn't be complete without...

...Minnie Mouse Oreo Pops:)

And since this was a special occasion, I plunged ahead & bought Oreos, despite the toxic ingredient list:/  
I prefer Newman's Own Organic "Oreos" but they don't make mini cookies...sigh...determined...

Let's get started!

  1. Pull apart 1 large Oreo & 1 mini Oreo.
  2. Discard the cream from the mini Oreo.
  3. Melt some white chocolate and "glue" the ears in place, smushing into the cream.
4.  Apply a dollop of white chocolate to the large Oreo half that is bare.

5.  Gently place the top back on the large Oreo.
6.  Repeat!!!

Be prepared to make some extras- I had several that cracked:/

Meanwhile, employ your helper to separate the pink & red hearts from your collection...

See how I used these same hearts to make Piggy Cookie Pops...

 ...and Chick Cake Pops for Livy's Farm birthday bash, last year!

Back to Minnie... time to add the "bow".
Melt some red candy melts and apply a spot on your Oreo face- then smush 2 hearts in place:)

The mini Oreo tops were utilized for Minnie Mouse cupcakes- details tomorrow:)

Dip the bottom half of "Minnie" in red candy melts and sprinkle with a few white nonpareils.

Attach a lollipop stick & "Minnie" is complete! 
I displayed them on a red wreath, like the marshmallow pops.

The birthday girl was thrilled:)

And the leftovers made perfect treats for 11s the next morning!

 Tomorrow I'll be sharing DIY Minnie Mouse Cupcakes:)

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