Monday, May 6, 2013

Oink Oink

Happy Monday.  Thanks for following along in my farm birthday planning escapades- today I'm sharing Livy's Piggy Cookie Pops!

I had yet to attempt any kind of "pop" confection but was determined to create some for Livy's birthday so I started with some Newman's Own "oreos", candy eye balls, sugar hearts (for the ears), pink M&Ms & pink candy melts...

...I knew there was a 'freezing' step but initially thought I could skip it...the above disaster was the result:(

So, I wedged the sticks between the cookies (dip in candy melt first!) & popped my cookies in the freezer for approx 15 mins.  Then I doused them in pink and set them in my makeshift holder for a few mins before applying the "face"- I found applying the face immediately yielded a sad piggy with a snout & eyes in his chin!

These were far from perfect but I felt passable for a 1st attempt & Livy was elated when she saw a line of "pizzies" on the counter!  All that really mattered at this point was that Livy knew they were "pizzies" and gave them an official "oink oink" of approval:)

*Note: I made these a few days ahead & had no problem with freshness- the chocolate seals the cookie and once dry, I wrapped cake pop bags around them & tied with ribbon!

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