Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Olivia's 3rd Birthday Farm Extravaganza!!!

And finally, I'm sitting down to share Olivia's 3rd birthday farm extravaganza with you!!!

Guests were greeted by a friendly scarecrow (thanks, Stephanie!)...

...and ushered by the "barn"- original inspiration was from pinterest and I added the seed packet bunting, animal silhouettes and sheets of stickers for the kids to add further embellishment:)  In the rather cavernous club house, the "barn" provided some much needed color!

Since many of my party supplies were packed away for our move, decor was kept pretty low key- I wasn't entirely pleased but I don't think Livy minded:)

I rescued this produce crate from a Winn Dixie in Orlando and transported it all the way back to TX for today- it housed gifts beautifully:)

Punch balloons were suspended on streamers- thanks Granddaddy:)

Seed packet bunting, one of my favorite touches, was draped across the windows:)

And a recycled banner was draped above the favor/gift table- my "special" banner was packed away in the depths of Granddaddy & Gramma's garage...sniff:(

Multiple little guests were expected so I set up the "piglet pen" with appropriate farm toys to help keep them out of the way of wild horses- this turned out to be a great addition!

While guests waited for the organized activities, they were encouraged to guess the number of tractor wheels in the jar...ironically, "Ricky" had the closest guess!!!

Let the games begin!  First off was the egg toss- I placed the eggs outside and had the kids find them & toss them back into the basket...

...Livy (sporting her handmade cow girl ensemble) and friend, Jude awaiting instructions:)

Now that the eggs were gathered, it was time to plant some crops!

And my little farmers had a blast planting their vegetables...

..and then scattering the Milo "soil" to the birds:)

Finally, it was time for a horse race on my DIY stick horses!

Riders took hold of their preferred steeds... 

...or in Jonah's case, a wagon!

On your mark, get set...

 ...and go!!!

And after a full day's work on the farm... was time to eat!


 Old MacDonald had a sweet tooth:)

There were Piggy Cookie Pops, a favorite of Jude...

...Chick Cake Pops, another 1st time venture for me (and yes they look frenzied as they're trying to escape from "Mrs. Tweedy"!!!)

 Fresh eggs, (Livy's favorite kind!)...

...Strawberry Patch- the berries were filled with Nutella, thanks to Pinterest!

Baskets of assorted feed (Pirate's Booty, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies & Mini Pretzel Sticks) helped temper the sugar rush... well as the "vegetable garden" cups of carrot & celery sticks nestled in homemade Ranch dressing- sorry no pic:(

The water bottles just barely squeezed onto the table and that red plate house the "Piggys in Mud"!

And finally a cupcake tower "barn" for my little cow girl, complete with burlap wrapped cupcakes, topped with chocolate piggys:)

When I asked Livy what her favorite thing was, she answered, "My eggs!"  Of course, one of the few things I bought and didn't make...sigh:)

While guests finished their munchies, punch balloons occupied little hands...

...and then it was time for the birthday girl to open gifts- we had intended to take the gifts home but several guests requested that Livy open her gifts then:)

Here's a clip of everyone singing to my beautiful, birthday girl:)

Kids trooped outside to the playground for one more jaunt...

...and then grabbed favors on their way out...

...including homemade Piggy Crayons...


...and old fashioned 'cow tails':)

Livy's 3rd birthday farm extravaganza was a grand success, as seen here with Granddaddy & Gramma...

...and next it will be Jonah's turn- can't wait!!!

Thanks so much for following along and hope you were inspired to create a special day for your little one:)

P.S. Here are some extra details about Livy's party:

Egg bean bags- homemade
Felt Vegetables/sensory gardens- homemade
DIY stick horses- homemade

Grass blocks- homemade
Piggy Cookie Pops- homemade
Chick Cake Pops- homemade 
Cupcakes- homemade
Chocolate pigs on cupcakes & "in Mud"- homemade
Cupcake tower barn- homemade & free!
Burlap cupcake wrappers & stamped tags- homemade

Animal silhouettes & stickers- Dollar Tree
Seed packets- Dollar Tree
Punch balloons & streamers- Dollar Tree
Tractor wheels in jar- Dollar Tree
Hay Bales & Scare crow- Stephanie, life saver:)
Birthday Banner- Stampin' Up! 
Egg crates- free!
 Piglet Pen toys- ours from home

Piggy crayons- homemade
Piggy toppers- homemade using all Stampin' Up! supplies

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