Saturday, May 4, 2013

Piggies in the Mud

There are so many ideas for farm themed birthdays and after making lots of lists and considering lots of options, I decided that 'Piggies in the Mud' (chocolate pigs nestled in chocolate pudding) were a must for Livy:)

So the first step was acquiring the pigs...lots of phone calls & google searches led me to finding
a candy mold...

...yielding another DIY project:)

I found the candy melts didn't fare well in the microwave (I prefer a makeshift double boiler) and the pigs need to cool completely before removing from the molds, otherwise they loose their luster:)

Easy peasy & now I had a jar full of chocolate piggies awaiting their muddy debut:)

Now with a successful DIY crayon venture and chocolate piggies, I'm imagining the possibilities for future parties/occasions using custom molds!

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