Friday, May 3, 2013

Giddy Up, Horsie!

'The Fox Hunt'

So, with the bean bag eggs & vegetable garden completed, I again evaluated the 'animal' situation for Livy's farm birthday.  I just couldn't justify the cost for a proper petting zoo and couldn't bear the guilt of seeing baby pot bellied pigs, lambs & "Danny Boy" potentially being man handled by wild toddlers that didn't understand being that left me with the stuffed animals

...and 'Ricky' & I were definitely not volunteering since we're "lousy jumpers"... that led me to DIY Stick Horses!

 I followed the basic instructions of the blog tutorial and threw in some creative license, as always:)

These were a labor of love, not so much because they were difficult but because I had to acquire almost all of the supplies and I procrastinated getting them completed since there were so many steps involved:/

 And yet, they made it to Livy's special day and she had a blast helping to create her "horsies"!

A few notes about supplies I used:
'Ricky's' old socks= free
Polyfill= <$1
ribbon, rope & buttons= free
felt= $1
yarn= <$3
bamboo poles= $4
darning needles= $2
 TOTAL= <$10

This project made a great way to spend evenings once my little Ms were slumbering & I managed to work on them some during the day too, with Livy's help:)

Stay tuned tomorrow for chocolate piggies!

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