Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Allen's Used Clothing Emporium"

When "Ricky" & I got married, I considered myself a frugal gal.  I introduced "Ricky" to the sale rack, something he had never seen before & informed him under no uncertain terms, "This is where we shop"!  I introduced him to Marshalls & TJ Max- he had never darkened their doorsteps before.  However, I drew the line at resale and wouldn't dream of entering a Goodwill store... see, I was somewhat traumatized as a child in England by the "jumble sale" and witnessing stacks of granny knickers (lip curling...) in piles on long tables in community halls.  I know my saintly Mother never purchased said items but I still grew up envisioning 'resale' as granny knickers:/

And then I became a Mom to these two little munchkins and determined to do whatever necessary to stay home with them, such as considering resale!  I'm happy to report that we now frequent our neighborhood kids resale shop several times a month where we've found the majority of our wooden toys & puzzles, kids shoes and lots of clothes:)

 However, it wasn't until approx 6 months ago that I first entered a Goodwill store, half holding my breath as I quickly scanned for any offending granny knickers... knickers but I did find a cardigan, minus the "foreign writing"...

...alas it had a gaping hole in the neckline which caused me to pause.  It was a good quality silk/cotton navy cardi (which I needed!) and was under $4 so I decided to bring it home anyway...

...where I promptly perused pinterest for some inspiration and then set out to Hobby Lobby for some navy satin:)  After sewing the gaping hole closed, I sewed the satin into a long tube, turned right side out, ironed (mucho importante!) and then began pleating & pinning...

 ...I then stitched down the center around the entire neckline & voila!

The navy satin matched beautifully & this little doll totaled less that $5:)

The goal, after all, is to look like this...

...not this!!!

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