Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baltic Amber: Life Saver!

I've read a little about the 'amber necklaces' and how they can help the woes of teething but since I tend to be a medicinal minimalist, hadn't bothered investing in one...

...until now!  Jonah has had a very rough, extended period of teething woes and so I zoomed over to Go Baby Go and promptly bought a Baltic Amber necklace and almost kissed Liz (shop owner) in appreciation and abject gratitude!

 You see, Lucy & I were beginning to sport the same look: pure, unadulterated exhaustion!!!

However, 3 hours after donning his new accessory, Jonah was happily munching on strawberries- life was good and perceivably, pain free:)

And after almost a week since I came skipping out of Go Baby, amber in hand, I can guarantee that this stuff works!  We've all slept better and Jonah now only fusses when tired & hungry (normal!) vs all the time:)

Caution: not all amber is equal.  "Deal Sites" are known to not have 'responsible' sources so don't waste your time.  Hazelaid is ok for online but if you're in the SA area, get your amber at Go Baby Go & Liz (owner) will set you up with the right shade, size etc... for your munchkin & it will be top notch quality:)

Happy teething!

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